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  • The Lucid difference

    A business built on trust

    In a marketplace characterized by mistrust and hidden commissions,we offer a different way to do business. We believe that an honest broker, a trusted broker, is a transparent broker.

    Sellers are entitled to know the exact amount of a bid, as soon as the bid is made.

    Buyers are entitled to get full disclosure of all aspects of a piece of equipment.

    Lucid Equipment is the only place where all this happens. This is the first totally transparent brokerage for medical equipment. Our most prized asset is your trust, and we work every day to build it and keep it.

  • How it works

    Transparency is simple to understand

    When you first visit, you are assigned the role of Observer. Observers can browse through all the equipment listed for sale.

    The real value of Lucid's system comes when you register as a Buyer or Seller. Buyers not only see the equipment for sale, but can place bids or sign up for the watch list on a type of equipment to receive notices of bids and a sale.

    Sellers list equipment for sale and post supporting materials such as inspection reports or a bill of sale. Sellers receive immediate notices of bids or watch list signups.

  • The Lucid Equipment Watch List

    Keep on top of the marketplace

    One aspect of our transparency is the Lucid Equipment Watch List.

    When you join the watch list for a particular type of equipment, you receive email messages whenever a new piece of equipment of that type is listed on the website. You also receive notifications of price changes; bids made, accepted, and rejected; and of completed sales in this equipment category. The Watch List lets you automatically monitor the marketplace for equipment of interest.

    To join the watch list for any equipment type, click the "Update my account" button on the banner (you must be a registered user). Then click the "Watch List" button on your account profile page, and follow the prompts. You can leave a watch list at any time.

  • What it costs

    Registration is free. Listing is free.

    Buyers pay no commission, but are typically responsible for fees such as installation.

    Sellers pay a commission based on total transaction amount.See our very competitivecommission schedule

  • What customers are saying

    Hear why more and more hospitals, clinics, and leasing companies are buying and selling through Lucid

    "Before Lucid, I could never find a broker that I could trust."

        -Hospital Administrator in the Northeast

    "For the first time, I now know what potential buyers are willing to pay for the equipment we have that is coming off lease"

        -Head of an MRI outpatient clinic

    "Lucid was unbelievably good. They helped us gather all the materials we needed to get the best price for the CT we were selling"

        -Leasing company executive

  • Who thought of this, anyway?

    Andy Parker, Lucid Equipment's founder and president

    Andy is a veteran of many years in the medical equipment industry. During that time he saw several instances of dishonest brokerage. He knew there had to be a better way, and this is it.

    Andy is always ready to take your questions at 858-504-0440 or

  • The fine print

    Lucid Equipment User Agreement

    Consignment Sale Agreement

    Lucid Equipment General Brokerage Agreement

    Buyer's General Purchase and Sale Agreement

    Seller's General Purchase and Sale Agreement

(c) Lucid Equipment LLC 2014 v2.0.6 A transparent marketplace for medical equipment   858-504-0440